Steel Tower Design System
Diffractor for UHF repetition


A dynamic data base which grows more complete with use thus making it easy to create a new structure or to define an existing tower

Simplified interface for easily changing any of the parameters such as climatic conditions, tower height or base width, type of materials, etc... the user gets the best solution within a short period of time while remaining fully compliant to the required specifications.

The possibility to intervene at any time to modify whatever condition or parameter of the structure being checked.

Just a few seconds to calculate a structure with parameters already defined and saved.


The team checks for the addition of a couple of Antennas.

At a telecom operator's office, in a few minutes, any change in antennas fixed to a tower can be checked for safety and estimates of possible new additions can be achieved quickly.

Our clients say that it is easy to compute and verify three to four towers during one day's work by using elements in the library, i.e. to define the parameters and calculate each tower.

The use of VERAUTO results in considerable time saving and simplified decision making.

Some Towers designed using Verauto.

Verauto adapts to several climatic Norms