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A flexible and secure licensing system

The software Verauto may be used through different licensing options adapted to the needs of each client depending on the client’s exact requirements. Purchasing a license gives the user the right to use the software over a certain period, regardless of the number of runs / calculations, resulting in a very low cost for the calculation of each structure.

Should it prove necessary, it is possible at any time to purchase additional days of use of the software. The additional days purchased will be automatically added to the remaining number of days of use shown at the bottom of the "Access" page of the website.

The Verauto software, being regularly updated, requires access to the Internet to function properly.

    The procedure for purchasing a license is simple and secure:
  1. Register yourself on the Access page.
  2. Select the desired license option from the table,
  3. You will be redirected to the secured payment site (VISA or MasterCard),
  4. Upon successful completion of your payment, you will be redirected to the download page and you will receive an email confirming the transaction (the email address used being the one provided by you upon registering on the site).
  5. If your payment has been accepted you will be able to proceed with the downloading of the software. The Software Activation Code (ProgramCode) will be sent in a separate email for security reasons.
  6. Once the download is complete, you will be able to install your software whenever you want. The license period will begin on the day the software is installed on your computer.
  7. For licenses with Hard-Lock, the USB dongle will be sent by post upon your first purchase, and it will be required for the installation.

Purchase of a License
Note : Currently, only a Windows based version of the software is available.
This software is still under Beta version and will be soon made available for Android Tablets, Linux and Mac.

The following License types are available for Verauto: