Steel Tower Design System

Verauto : A must for steel tower design, Guyed or Self-Supporting.

Verauto is an optimized suite of software, for design & verification of latticed steel towers. It has been used by experienced engineers during more than 20 years, mainly in Latin America, and thousands of towers have been designed and/or verified using this software. Today, thanks to this new Internet site, Verauto becomes available to worldwide engineering.

Verauto simplifies the work of designing a tower, with easy and quick verification of loading conditions, resulting stress in members and bolts, being compliant to the chosen norms. The Verauto suite is constantly being updated to include new developments (norms, materials, improvements, etc).

Verauto also simplifies the verification of existing tower. In this case, Verauto allows the user to add new components to an existing structure thus easily simulating the new load, stress on members and work factors of all elements of the structure.

As an engineer, you will appreciate the powerful combination of modular bay elements, as well as the fine tuning ability of Verauto to help you fully optimize your structure in terms of cost and resistance. Verauto is a platform with a streamlined process flow to engineer steel towers. Verauto was created by an engineer, for engineers.

Verauto for existing towers..

EXISTING STRUCTURES - Verification and Eventual Strengthening of existing towers..

The video above – available on YouTube – is meant to give you an idea on how it is quick and easy to create the model of a tower for structural analysis. Starting from a tower chosen among those in the application's library, it is very simple to obtain the final shape of the desired structure.
Where the bays of the model tower differ, they are replaced by bays from the library of bay modules so as to meet the exact shape of the physical structure to be verified.
The tower height may be adjusted by adding or removing adequate bays to the model tower or changing partial heights of modules. The width of bays is adjusted indicating the base width and face inclination or base and top widths.
Platforms, antennas and power lines are added or removed in a similar way.

All the physical dimensions of the structure are automatically calculated from a few information :
Base, Height, Face Inclination and Bay Modules.

Wind Loading: Just choose in the list the Climatic Norm to apply and fill-in the required conditions, such as wind speed and surrounding conditions.
Antenna Loading: A set of standard antenna models is proposed for the user to select from and specify the height above ground level. For Parabolic Dishes, antenna diameter and direction may be supplied..

Introduction to the Verauto User Interface.

This video – also available on YouTube - will show you the basic steps that can guide you to the design a complete new tower.
You will discover the several options offered by Verauto to create new structures or modify and verify existing ones, add accessories or antennas, reinforce the insufficient members, etc.
You may download the original from our page Support using the button Interactive-Demo.exe.