Steel Tower Design System

Short Term License.

The short term license offers the selection from 5 to 15 days (in increments of 5 days). This allows the user to match the cost to the quantity of structures to be calculated. This option is geared towards users having already mastered the use of the Verauto software but have only few structures to design or validate. The unit purchase price is decreasing with the selected period.

However, this short term option limits the use of the software to a single workstation (the one where it was installed the first time), and requires a permanent Internet connection to operate. To obtain another copy of the software to be used on a second workstation, another short term or long term license must be purchased under another username and password.

Please don’t forget to register on the Access page, if you want to buy a License period.

Days Price USD($)
5 170
10 310
15 420